If Alejandro comes, please let me know.

She never saw her father again.

Can I get anybody something to drink?

Seen from a distance, that rock looks like a human face.


What should we do about this situation?

Who sent me a wire?

He died at age 54.

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Life is a flame that smothers death.

Brandi is proud of his students.

Once on a time there was a king who had an only daughter.


Your encouragement will draw her out.

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I'm glad you talked me into going.


That umbrella is Mayo's.

I met an old student of mine in London.

You can't keep Raj from doing whatever he wants to do.

What are you doing to me?

Can you swim like her?

Edwin broke his promise.

I'm on vacation, too.


He didn't mean to hurt you.


It's her word against his.

Vilhelm is poor, but he's happy.

What do you want to see in Boston?

She doesn't eat the red apple.

Cristi seems to be slightly flustered.


This is not yellow; it's green.

There they perform stabilizing surgery and treat critical injuries, so that patients can be moved to a hospital with capacity for finishing treatments.

Jean-Christophe never has a pencil with him.


I want you to give Drew something for me.

Let's go wake Dewey up.

"Whose needles are these?" "They are Nadya's."


I can't live without music.

We got him to carry our bag.

Can I spend the night?


We'll visit the old town.


Has anybody been shot?

I like to try new cars.

That cake was delicious.

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They're listening.

Don't make noise!

Josip broke the world record.

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If you want to go, then go. If you don't want to, then whatever.

I must ask Nick for his new address and telephone number when I see him.

I would've preferred you do it.

We live within easy access of Heathrow.

We haven't finished.

Hopefully, we'll arrive tomorrow.

May I present this to you in token of my appreciation?

Is Okayama a big city?

I gotta learn how to write in cursive.

I'm feeling uncomfortable.

I really do love your tie.

You have hope, don't you?

He will advise you on that matter.

We're not really brothers.

I walked into a mirror.

Lewis buttoned up his coat.

I made a temporary repair to the broken door.

Did you have a dog when you were growing up?

Boyd is addicted to love stories.

Howard walked away from the accident unhurt.

I changed my name to Johnathan Jackson.

What have you done right now? I've just woken up.

Nanda has attempted to make amends by contributing to the orphanage's building fund.

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Francisco was a manager.

Do good to those that hate you.

I wish that noise would stop. It gets on my nerves.

Elvis is busy at the stove.

I don't know anything about Boston.

I did a good job.

Real tried to make the best of a bad situation.

Benjamin Harrison's campaign was well-organized.

If I had taken that plane, I would be dead now.

I was thinking of inviting Loren to dinner.

Just take one swallow of this medicine.

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I think it's time for you to start helping out around here.

Do you believe in Christianity?

He lectured us about his pet theories again.

These days it's important to know how to drive.

Del whispered something in Louis's ear.

True zombies are to be found in the special forces. When you spend a week in the cold, without sleeping, you become a zombie, and the only thing you feel is hatred. Hatred towards yourself, hatred towards the others. And the only thing you think about is to finish your job and go back to where you can enjoy a "good sleep".

My mom spoke with the school superintendent.


Life is never easy.

I couldn't let them go.

If you don't want to fall off the cliff, don't stay near it.

Where is the ticket-selling window?

Are you really a princess?

I'll let you get back to work.

I think I'll have breakfast.


When did you first notice that Sylvan was missing?


Let me write down the address.

Will you go with them?

Satellite imagery is being used in an effort to narrow down the area in the Indian Ocean where floating debris has been observed.

I'm studying economics at university.

I think you're going to enjoy this.


I am afraid she may have lost her way.

He looks forward to having 200 visitors.

It is better to travel well than to arrive.

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There was a commotion when store security guards detained some young men for shoplifting.

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This box contains assorted chocolates.

I don't know when he'll come here.

Don't you have a bike?

You really should do that yourself.

Let me show you something I found.

I have to take some photos for my class project.

Dirk was dead by the time the ambulance got there.


They won't risk doing that.

Dannie has never driven a car before.

Edmund had some fun.

Jack insists that he has nothing to do with the crime.

That's unbelievable!

Yes, this is Anthony.

I would like to see the trees from which you picked these apples.

All the cabins remain shuttered.

The days have gotten shorter and shorter.

Which one do you think is correct?

Rajeev has breakfast at the local coffee shop every day.

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Since I'm here, let me help you.

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I love you more than her.

I'm Sylvan's counselor.

No serious injuries have been reported.

I want to show you something I've been working on.

He must be from the South.

Everyone wanted to see what Roderick was doing.

He was accredited to the chairman.


We have forty-five.

We worked like so many ants.

How intuitive!

You spend too much money.

Francisco invited his friends over.

There is a strange man at the door.

Fish do not have the brain development that is necessary for the psychological experience of pain or any other type of awareness.


Let's do it this way.

They searched the house.

Because of her, he lived a miserable life.

That alone made the trip worthwhile.

I'm a university student.


We must wait.

I don't think Pilar likes you very much.

Abrams chased Browne.

Don't do too much at the same time.

Acid acts on metals.

A Soviet spacecraft reached Venus' atmosphere in 1967, but lost communication with our planet just when it came close.

I sincerely hope that you will soon recover from your illness.

He had the sensation that he was still on the waves.

He tried opening the door.


Rahul made a costly mistake.

You are not allowed to violate the rules.

Nothing happens without God's knowledge.

Pieter had a tiff with her boyfriend.

Gunter decided then and there to never let this happen again.


I have known that for a long time.

It was raining hard, but she insisted on going for a drive.

We were really hoping to buy a fishing boat.

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There was hardly any furniture in the house.


Pedophilia is a very serious offense.


I turned in a paper yesterday.

Trees are cut down and land is cleared.

The future scares me too much.

He is not much better, and there is a little hope of recovery.

The person standing near the gate is Robin.

You get the idea, don't you?

I don't feel too cold.

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Kristen is always bananas.

Math is what I'm best at.

What is this abomination?